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N.R. Murphy provides a multitude of additional products and services. Some of these are listed below. For more detailed information about any of these products, please click on the picture of the product of interest. If the product you are seeking is not listed in this webssite, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rotary Air Lock: Rotary Air Lock
The Murphy Rotary Air Lock, available in single or double neoprene seals and several standard capacities, is designed to provide an airtight seal on cyclones, dust filters, storage bins, enclosed mechanical conveyors, etc. [ Details ]
Duct Silencer: Duct Silencer
Available in all sizes and configurations to fit not only N.R. Murphy equipment, but any application to decrease noise level. [ Details ]
Abort Damper: Abort Damper
The Murphy Abort Damper, usually installed in the cleaned air stream of a filtering system, is an aborting device which expels the air to atmosphere when activitated by a properly installed spark or fire detection system. [ Details ]
Angle Rings, Elbows, Ducts & More: Angle Rings, Elbows, Ducts etc
Stamped and rolled angle rings, half and full collar blast gate (cast aluminum & fabricated), elbows, galvanized spiral ducts, handles, catches and keepers, flexible ducts, floor sweeps, 2 way diverters, ball joints, fabricated cleanout doors, tapers, Y branches, clamps and square, side and flat nozzles. [ Details ]
Replacement Filter Bags / Service:  
N.R. Murphy Limited manufactures filter bags for N. R. Murphy equipment as well as filter bags for other manufacturer's equipment. We use and stock first quality filter media so that our Engineering staff may select the filter media most appropriate for your dust application. [ Details ]
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