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Model CP

Model CP: Offers you many advantages in effectively filtering large or small volumes of fine dust laden air with a very compact profile. As one of the many models in our "C" series group of cartridge style dust collectors, it is suitable for dust extraction in most areas of industry.


  • The latest in new filtration technology
    Using a pleated non woven filter media in a cylindrical style cartridge gives three to four times the filter surface area in the same physical size, as that of a conventional tube style dust collector. Each cylindrical cartridge is 22" long featuring 150 sq. ft. of highly efficient filter media. The number of cartridges required depends on the application.
  • Continuous pulse type cleaning
    This regularly loosens and allows the excess dust cake which has formed on the outside of the cartridge, to fall away, thus maintaining a highly efficient filtration for a continuous operation.
  • Variable inlet locations
    Unique top-side inlet, high in the filtration area, complete with a replaceable primary impaction baffle. Dust laden air is forced to move in a downward motion throughout the collector, thus using the law of gravity to your very best advantage. This minimizes the short circuiting of dust from one cartridge to another when cleaning and also minimizes the dust loading on the cartridges themselves.
  • Painted, heavy gauge galvanized construction
    Heavy gauge galvanized, all welded construction, painted a standard colour finish coat (other colours available on request)
  • Preassembly at factory
    Quick on site installation by others. It requires only a properly sized foundation or pad and a crane to set the dust collector in place (Optional: Knockdown designs available. Please check with factory).
  • Compact and flexible design - minimal space required
    Economical compact profile and flexible in design enabling us to expand the collector in any direction without sacrificing efficiency. A few sizing considerations are, the cfm, the site location and the type of material. Some of the available types of material discharges are hopper or bin storage, drum storage, continuous rotary air lock discharge and screw conveyor discharge, all depending on the desired requirements of the particular application.
  • Optional equipment.


  • All sizes of fan packs complete with motors ranging from 500 cfm to 50,000 cfm and beyond, matched to filter requirements.
  • Explosion venting.
  • Silencer packages.
  • Several styles and types of discharges.
  • Inlet sizes available in 1" increments from 7" to 33" diameter and beyond.
Model CP

Available Models:

Consult Head Office as these dust collectors are custom designed to suit client applications.

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