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Cyclones: Several different types are available from chip handling to extremely high efficiency models. Can be used in just about any type of industry as a primary separator ahead of the dust collector or as stand alone units (depending on environmental legislation).


The cyclone dust collector provides a simple and economical means to most medium to coarse dust collection applications. The centrifugal action along with gravitational forces have been a method of dust collection and separation for many years.

N. R. Murphy Limited’s continuing effort to improve dust collection equipment has kept the cyclone separator in pace with modern requirements. We design and manufacture highly efficient cyclones that are capable of much higher efficiencies on smaller particle sizes, than the standard design cyclones.

For applications that are unusual such as severe abrasion, corrosion, etc., N. R. Murphy technical representatives can help you select the proper design, along with the best construction materials such as heavy gauge carbon steel, abrasive resistant steel, special alloys, rubber linings, etc., all to suit a specific application.

Because of the many variables that affect any dust collector performance, such as cu. ft. of air per minute, dust concentration, specific gravity of dust, velocities, cyclone diameter, etc., it is suggested that all available information (or sample) of the dust to be collected, be given to an N. R. Murphy representative for an accurate size selection.


The construction design of N. R. Murphy’s cyclone dust collectors is very rugged. Standard designs feature heavy gauge wiped galvanized (satin coat) all welded construction, painted a standard colour (other colours available on request). Most cyclone collectors are completely assembled at the factory to enable quick on-site assembly by others (optional knockdown designs available on large sizes; please check with factory).

Many sizes and arrangements of cyclone dust collectors are available to meet specific capacities and space allotments. If more than one collector is required, due to large capacity requirements, they can be installed in single or double rows as illustrated below.

Cyclones - Features


The above illustration shows six cyclones assembled in a double row (or series). The cyclones were pre-assembled at the factory, complete with two air inlet and one air outlet manifolds. The pre-assembly assures proper alignment for reassembly at the jobsite by others.

High Efficiency Design: This design is available in several sizes, it can be manufactured in small diameter units and clustered to give the capacity desired, or one larger size can be selected to give equal capacity, depending on site location.

Standard Design: Used mostly for coarse sawdust and shavings or material that contains very few extreme fines. This is the most common style of cyclonic dust collector. For a slightly higher efficiency a long cone spiral and skimmer can be added. This collector is available in various materials or comes with various linings for corrosive or abrasive applications. This design is available in many sizes to fit all applications.

Chip Design: Very similar to a standard design except for a shorter cone section. Used primarily for heavy wood chips where minimum of fines are involved. It is constructed of heavier gauge material for the additional abuse it is designed for. As the standard design it comes in a wide range of sizes.


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