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Abort Damper

The Murphy abort damper, when installed in the cleaned air stream of a filtering system, is an instant aborting device which expels the air to atmosphere when activated by a properly installed spark or fire detection system.


Fires and explosions can occur at any time, especially in the woodworking or paper industries or wherever combustible materials are being conveyed pneumatically. The Murphy abort damper, fabricated from heavy gauge reinforced steel, was designed to give all possible protection for the safety of all employees and the manufacturing facilities.

These units are recommended by NFPA Code 664 (8-4) when recycling filtered air from a wood refuse exhaust system.

The abort damper can be activated in summer to allow the cleaned return air (unless air conditioning is a factor), to exhaust to atmosphere when windows and doors can remain open.

Note: It would be best to manually activate and reset only when the exhaust system has been turned off. The damper could also be activated manually should filtering problems arise, to allow manufacturing to continue (if the problem is not serious) until repairs can be made.

The abort damper is available in a full range of sizes for material handling exhaust systems.

Click here for Abort Damper Dimensions & Specifications.

Contact a Murphy representative for your requirements and remember - your insurance representatives will appreciate your efforts to prevent fires and injury and could possibly reduce insurance rates.

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