Dustcollectors - Downdraft Benches

Downdraft Benches: Available in many configurations and sizes with built in dust collector or separate dust collector.

As a recognized leader in the air cleaning industry we offer dust collection systems to capture your airborne particles. Our sales technicians, backed up by factory application engineers, are qualified to survey your place of business and make specific recommendations to solve your plant pollution problems. Whatever the application may be, call us to analyze your requirements.

Downdraft Benches


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Metalworking


  • Available 1800, 2500 and 4800 C.F.M. with integral motor.


Downdraft Benches

The principle of operation is state of the art, contaminated air being drawn down or back through the support grating, passing on through our filtering system, with the clean air being returned via a single stage heavy duty fan motor, to the work area.


Downdraft work benches are also available without built-in dust collectors for connecting to existing dust collection systems. Three standard sizes are available to match the listed work area dimensions. Custom designed work benches are also available.

Available Models:

Model DDWB: A stationary dust collector unit with an efficient filtering system suitable for all types of dust from sanding, grinding, drilling, cutting, etc.

The finest downdraft benches manufactured. A very high air volume with an extremely quiet performance can source capture dusts before they reach the worker’s breathing zone.

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