Miscellaneous - Dump Station

Dump Station

The dump station/dust collector is designed to provide maximum dust control for bag or drum dumping. This unit is completely self-contained with no external ducting required, yet flexible enough to suit all applications.

Several cleaning methods are available, the most popular being continuous cleaning which purges the agglomerated dust, and it falls into the hopper for re-use.


  • Quality equipment at affordable prices.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized all welded construction, painted a standard colour finish coat (other colours available).
  • Various sizes of grating available at hopper entrance.
  • Hinged door on hopper entrance.
  • Various cleaning methods.
  • Flexible and simple design.
  • Various filter medias.


  • Various hopper outlets to suit customer's requirements, i.e. rotary air locks, screw conveyors, "T" outlet fittings, or special adaptors.
  • Cleaning methods - continuous pulse jet, mechanical rapper, or manual.
  • Empty bag deposit station - (cabinet or garbage bag side attachment).
  • Grating and bag rest.
  • Cleanup spout attachment with control gate.
  • Silencer packages.
  • Side mounting of filter section for low areas.
  • Complete custom design to specific applications.
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