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Concern for our environment has never been stronger than it is today Everyone is working to preserve a healthy environment for now and for the future.

Industry is on the front lines of this concern. As a result, no company can afford to ignore the importance of clean air. Most companies recognize that a clean and healthy working environment will help to boost the morale and efficiency of their work force. And few will deny that eliminating air pollution is essential to maintaining good community and public relations.

Exhaust fans play a vital role in modern dust collection, material handling and conveying systems. No matter what the application, these rugged, air handling equipment.

We at N. R. Murphy are proud to present this section of our website designed to provide information and help you to select the proper fan for your needs.

Please feel free to contact us for help and advice with all your air handling problems.

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» All N. R. Murphy Ltd. fans are dynamically balanced to ISO G 6.5 standards. «

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