Industrial Exhaust Fans: Accessories

Cleanout Doors:

Cleanout doors are available to provide easy access to the fan wheel housing interior for inspection and cleaning. Each door is gasketed, shaped and mounted flush with the interior of the housing to give a smooth and dust tight fit.

Cooling Discs:

Cooling discs may be added for applications where high temperatures will be encountered. The cooling disc is a small fan mounted on the fan shaft between the outer fan casing and the inner fan bearing. These discs are designed to reduce heat conduction from the shaft to the bearing.

Other Accessories:

  • all-weather cowls
  • shaft seals
  • special metals
  • special coating
  • scroll drain
  • flanged inlet and outlet
  • multi louvre discharge volume control damper
  • belt guard
  • motor weather hood
  • radiation shields for high temperature fans
  • silencers
  • anti vibration isolation bases

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