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Fans in Stock for Fast Delivery

N. R. Murphy Limited, we know that fast deliveries of fans can be critical to an air or material handling installation. Sometimes, as in the case of breakdowns, a totally new fan unit is required right away. Delays can be very costly.

To help our customers with crucial delivery problems, we carry a large inventory of complete fan units. Our most popular designs, arrangements and sizes are fully built and ready for immediate delivery.

Even when the fan required is unusual and not available from stock, we can modify an existing fan or build one specially -- in time to meet your needs. In addition, we maintain a full parts inventory for emergency repairs.

No other fan manufacturer can serve you faster.

Industrial Exhaust Fans centrifugal blowers designed in a range of sizes and capacities with several wheel designs and fan arrangements available for particular applications. We also carry an extensive list of fan accessories and offer various optional construction for heavy abrasive materials and spark resistance.

Built for Years of Service:

N. R. Murphy industrial exhaust fans are designed and built for years of trouble-free service.

Our wheel and fan arrangement designs are based on years of experience in manufacturing exhaust fans for all types of Canadian industry. The designs are versatile for use in many different dust control and air handling applications. All of our specifications are tested and proven reliable.

Every Murphy fan is manufactured to these exacting design specifications using the best of materials. The fan housing is constructed with heavy gauge steel and braced with steel angles. The scroll wrap is continuously welded to the side plates for a rugged and dust-tight casing. Heavy-duty, self-aligning pillow block bearings are securely fastened to a strong plate pedestal.

Our industrial exhaust fans all have balanced wheels - carefully designed, tested and manufactured for maximum performance. Each wheel is statically and dynamically balanced for smooth operation.

The result is industrial exhaust fans that are built to last - and last they have. Today, Murphy fans are working reliably in a wide range of applications - either attached to Murphy dust collectors, used separately for air and material handling or installed to replace other fans.

Specification Standards:

All Murphy standard industrial exhaust fans are capable of handling air up to 600 degrees F, (except for arrangement Number 4). When higher temperatures are encountered, please consult with our fan experts.

Proper air volumes and pressures can be selected from the appropriate fan charts which are based on standard air at 0.075 density (29.92 HG barometer, 70 degrees F.). Charts are available upon request.

B.I.N.O.L. Fans:

We also have a standard line of Backward Inclined Non-Overloading direct drive (Arrangement #4) fans ranging in size from 1.5 through 20 hp at 3500 rpm.

Please inquire for your specific needs and/or requirements.

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