Industrial Exhaust Fans: Optional Construction

Heavy Abrasive Materials:

N.R. Murphy can provide extra heavy housing and wheel construction with oversized shaft and bearings for applications where large concentrations of heavy abrasive materials are present.

Spark Resistance:

For spark resistant requirements the following constructions are available:

  • Type A:
    All parts of the fan in contact with the air or gas being handled are made of non-ferrous material.
  • Type B:
    The fan has an entirely non-ferrous wheel and non-ferrous ring around the opening through which the shaft passes.
  • Type C:
    The fan is constructed so that a shift in the wheel or shaft will not permit two ferrous parts of the fan to rub or strike.

Please note that the bearings will not be placed in the air or gas stream. The user must electrically ground all fan parts.

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