Dust Collectors - FB Series

FB Series: Cylindrical design tube style filters with mechanical cleaning.

Model FBMW - Compact Dust Collector [ Details ] Model FBMW
Sizes: 9" & 10"HS
Ideal for: small wood or metalworking shop
Industries: Agriculture, Automotive, Education, Food, Metalworking, Woodworking
Model FBA - Medium Sized Cyclonic Action Dust Collector [ Details ] Model FBA
Sizes: from 11" to 19" inlet diameters
Ideal for: schools or mediums sized shops
Industries: Automotive, Education, Metal, Mining, Plastics
Model FBP - Medium Sized Cyclonic Action Dust Collector [ Details ] Model FBP
Sizes: from 13" to 42" inlet diameters
Ideal for: medium to large woodworking applications
Industries: Agriculture, Cement, Metalworking, Printing, Textiles, Woodworking
Model FBK - Large Capacity Cyclonic Action Dust Collector [ Details ] Model FBK
Sizes: from 37" to 54" inlet diameters
Ideal for: paper & corrugated box industry
Industries: Agriculture, Metalworking, Paper/Box, Printing, Woodworking
Model FBO - Cyclonic Afterfilter [ Details ] Model FBO
Sizes: from 57" to 138" collector diameters
Ideal for: an afterfilter for existing cyclone type collectors
Industries: n/a
Model FBRW - Pressure Release Dust Collector [ Details ] Model FBRW
Sizes: 500 & 1000 CFM
Ideal for: venting silos and bins with intermittent use
Industries: all types
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