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Model FBA


The FBA dust collector is divided into four basic sections, the top section being exhauster, motor and drives, the bottom section being the storage containers for the collected waste material. The centre two sections are the primary and secondary filtration units. The material enters the collector via the inlet duct into the cyclonic separation section to remove the heavy particles. The section immediately above it is the secondary filtration area, where tubular type filters are used with various filter media available for various applications. This gives a highly efficient type of dust collection system.

The material storage area and the secondary filtration section are accessible through large access doors which allow for easy material removal and filter maintenance of the unit. The Model FBA is part of the FB series of dust collectors designed by N. R. Murphy Ltd. in which standardized construction methods and parts are used to create a highly efficient unit and still maintain a low cost.

The unit requires a minimum of maintenance. All parts which must be maintained are easily accessible.

The unit is supplied ready to operate, requiring only connection to a power source through a starter and into the unit.

The unit is ruggedly constructed and has very convenient material storage and removal, all packaged into a single completely self-contained unit.

Air to cloth ratios can be changed for extremely difficult types of material handling although the standard unit is designed for maximum efficiency in most woodworking applications. Hopper type storage sections are available for certain installations and automatic shaking mechanisms are available for your secondary filtration section.

Model FBA: Ideally suited for schools or small industrial applications where large volumes of air are required for relatively small amounts of dust collected. Primarily designed for limited ceiling height installations.


  • Highly efficient performance.
  • It fits into low ceiling areas, yet takes up minimal amount of floor space.
  • It can be installed inside a building as well as outside (consult head office).
  • Quiet operation.
  • Easy to empty the collected waste.
  • Flexible in design and capacities to fit all types of operations.
  • Practically no maintenance.
  • Totally enclosed in steel for fire protection and filter section protection.
  • A good appearance.
  • Completely self-contained.
  • Easily installed by inexperienced personnel.
  • Manual shaking mechanism (standard equipment).
  • High performance on all types of dust particles.
  • 2,000 to 8,000 cfm.
  • Easy operation.
  • All sections of the unit readily accessible.
  • Handles hot particles in metalworking trade.
  • Shipped completely assembled.
  • Flexible cfm ratings for top performance.
  • Low initial cost.
  • Primary cyclonic separator.
  • Secondary multi-bag type filtration.
  • Retains warm air in plant to equalize pressure in building (consult head office for additional requirements.


  • W OPTION: Reduces cost by increasing cloth area in any FB Series Dust Collector by as much as 60%.
  • SILENCER: Although the unit has a very low noise level an even quieter performance may be required, inline or overall silencers are available.
  • LOW CEILING MODIFICATION: One other very important feature is that although the basic unit is designed for low ceiling installation, it can be modified to fit into more restricted ceiling height areas by having the fan and motor removed and mounted alongside of the collector on a stand or on the ground.
  • FILTER MEDIA: Although the unit with standard filter media is designed to handle almost any type of dust problem, a number of special filter medias and/or air to cloth ratios are available for the more unusual type of dust problems.
  • INCREASED STORAGE: Another option available on the FBA Dust Collector is a hopper style bottom. A hopper style discharge bin is available for increased storage capacity. The FBA Unit can be supplied with increased drum storage.
  • AUTOMATIC SHAKER: The automatic shaker is electrically driven with a timing device which is energized when the fan is stopped. The shaker operates for a predetermined length of time.
  • DIRTY FILTER INDICATOR: Another option available is a manometer gauge which automatically indicates when filter media requires shaking down.
  • WEATHERHOOD: For outside installation a motor weatherhood should be installed.
  • CONE STYLED DISCHARGE for continuous discharge through a rotary air lock or into an air tight container.
  • EXPLOSION VENTING: Available to meet requirements of governmental bodies or insurance companies. Also state if unit is in or outside building.

Available Models:

Inlet Diameter: 11" 13" 15" 17" 19"
No. of Drums�: 3 3 4 6 6
Standard Motor (H.P.)�: 7� 10 15 20 25
Recommended C.F.M.: 2600 3600 4800 6200 7800
Storage Arrangements: - available with drum or hopper storage -
� Each drum contains 7 cubic feet - �Other motor sizes available


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