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Filter Bags / Service

N.R. Murphy Limited has been manufacturing dust collection equipment for over 60 years.

Several years ago, we opened our Filter Division, and are currently manufacturing our own filter bags, as well as filter bags for other manufacturer's equipment. We use and stock first quality filter media so that our Engineering staff may select the filter media most appropriate for your dust application.

There are many variables that will affect the frequency of your filter change outs such as the number of shifts you are running, (whether the dust collector is in daily operation) and most importantly the type of properties of the material being collected and general plant condition.

It is imperative that the new filter bags are manufactured from the correct media and are installed correctly to avoid dust leaking past the filters and into the facility. Our service technicians on a typical service call will remove the existing filter bags, install a new set of filters and do a general service on the dust collector. Our experienced technicians have been employed with N.R. Murphy Limited for many years and truly are "the experts". Installing filter bags is not a desired task at a plant. It is a dirty job by nature, and can be extremely dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Our technicians have safety training specific to this. As they have been performing service work as well as building our dust collectors for so many years, they are able to work quickly and efficiently, and are able to pinpoint problems with your collector and find solutions.

If the dust collector is manufactured by N.R. Murphy Ltd, the dust collector's serial# will be located on the inside of the filter section and will also be noted on the front of the maintenance manual. Provided with the access door serial#, our Sales Representative can access information from our job file to obtain the proper filter bag measurements as well as identify the filter media that was originally installed in the dust collector.

For other equipment manufacturers, a sample bag is required to ensure that the filters fit properly. If you are supplying a sample off your shelf, please be certain that it is from the correct dust collector if there are various dust collectors on site. When supplying a used filter bag from the dust collector, please be aware of the dust type and take appropriate precautions such as the use of respiratory equipment and gloves. When we are dealing with an application other than wood dust, we require a Material Safety Data Sheet for the type of dust being handled to ensure the safety of our staff who will be handling the used filter bag.

Please click here to obtain a quotation for filter bags and service work.

Dust Collector Bag Styles :
Depending on the type of collector and the manufacturer there are several basic styles.
Tubular Unsupported
Internal Dust Cake Used primarily in Shaker or Reverse Air Collectors.
Tubular Anti-Collapse Rings
Internal Dust Cake Used in Reverse Air Collectors.
Tubular Internal Support Cage
External Dust Cake Used in Pulse-Jet Collectors.
Envelope Internal Support Cage
External Dust Cake Used in Shaker & Pulse-Jet Collectors.
Snap Band
Used in Pulse-Jet Collectors and Shaker Designs.
Used in Pulse-Jet Collectors and Shaker Designs.
Open Corded
With a disposable top, used in Shaker and Reverse Air Collectors.
Double Beaded Seal
Used in Shaker and Reverse Air Collectors.
Used in Pulse-Jet Collectors.
Used in Pulse-Jet Collectors and Shaker Designs.
Used in Shaker and Reverse Air Collectors.
Compression Band
With a disposable top. Used in Shaker and Reverse Air Collectors.
Top and Bottom Configurations:
There is a variety of methods for attaching filter bags to the collector at both the top and bottom. Bags are available with all of the following connection designs. Other configurations are available for less common equipment.
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