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Model HEC


The Murphy Model H.E.C. dust collector features, in most models, our recommended top-side inlet high in the filtration area complete with unique internal primary baffling. This forces the dust laden air to move in a downward motion throughout the collector thus using the law of gravity to our very best advantage. This minimizes the short circuiting of dust from one filter tube to another when cleaning and also minimizes the dust loading of the filter tubes themselves.

Model HEC: Designed in square or rectangular arrangements for unlimited capacities and all types of particulates. It uses compressed air to automatically clean the filter media for continuous operation.

The Murphy Model HEC tube style dust collector is very rugged and reliable. It offers many advantages in effectively filtering large or small volumes of dust laden air. It has a compact profile, and is one of the many models in our HE Series group of tube style dust collectors. They will operate continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which makes them suitable for dust extraction in a broad area of industry.


  • Completely automatic continuous self-cleaning.

    The automatic continuous pulse type cleaning which regularly loosens and allows the excess dust cake, which has formed on the outside of the dust tube, to fall away thus maintaining a rated filtration efficiency by weight at over 99.9% as small as 1 micron. (Higher efficiencies available upon request.) This effective filtration allows cleaned air to be recirculated within the plant (when allowable). The savings on heating and air-conditioning costs would be substantial.

  • Painted, heavy gauge galvanized construction.

    The HEC Model has a heavy gauge galvanized, all welded construction, painted a standard colour finish coat (other colours available on request). Unit is pre-assembled at factory to enable quick on-site installation by others. It requires only a properly sized foundation or pad and a crane to set the dust collector in place. (Optional: knockdown designs available. Please check with factory).

  • Flexible and simple rectangular or square designs with clean side or dirty side filter tube removal.

    The flexible and simple designs enable you to choose from or expand many of our models in any direction without sacrificing efficiency. A few sizing considerations are the cfm, the air-to-cloth ratio, on-site location, the type of dust and dust loadings to be filtered. Some of the available types of material discharges are hopper or bin storage, drum storage, continuous rotary air lock discharge, and screw conveyor discharge, all depending on the desired requirements of the particular application.

    When top filter tube removal is selected, it allows you not only clean access to the filter tubes, but also easy access. You will find this a very simplistic method of filter removal and installation. We use a positive seal friction fit connection for the filter tubes and cages. No tools are required. This allows maintenance, if required, to be completed in minutes rather than hours.

  • Numerous filter medias available.
  • Rugged weatherproof construction.
  • Flexible air-to-cloth ratios.
  • Either pull-through of blow-through operation.
  • Can be used as primary or secondary filter.
  • Booster fans available when used as secondary filter.
  • Optional equipment.


  • All sizes of fan packs c/w motors ranging from 500 cfm to 50,000 cfm and beyond, matched to filter requirements (fan packs can be factory mounted onto dust collector or supplied separate).
  • Explosion venting.
  • Silencer packages.
  • Several styles and types of discharges.
  • Inlet sizes available in 1" increments in round, square or rectangular configuration.
  • All sizes of rotary air locks and adaptors.
  • External walkways and ladders.
  • All sizes of screw conveyors.

Available Models:

S-Design (square)
Approx. S.C.F.M.
required at 80
to 100 P.S.I.G.�
2.5 3.6 6.4 10.0 14.4 19.6 25.6
Max. CFM per
Model (per 1000)�
2.8 5.0 9.0 15.0 21.0 29.0 38.0
Square Feet Filter Media:
8' 288 414 737 1,152 1,658 2,257 2,949
10' 360 518 921 1,440 2,073 2,822 3,686
12' 432 622 1,105 1,728 2,488 3,386 4,423
� NOTE: Compressed air stated is an averaged requirement. Types of dust, dust loading & air to cloth ratios could affect certain applications. Please check with factory. Compressors and Dryers should be sized for twice the chartered air requirements.
� C.F.M. is nominal, types of dust, dust loading & air to cloth ratio must be considered. Do not exceed stated C.F.M., check with factory.


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