Dust Collectors - MK Series

MK Series: Square or rectangular design tube style filters with mechanical cleaning.

Model MKA - Primarily designed for school applications. These are
suitable for light or intermittent use in a variety of industrial applications. [ Details ]
Model MKA
Standard: Sizes: 8 1/2" Dia. Bags
Ideal for: Use in applications with planers, shapers, jointers and molders.
Industries: Wood Working, Education, Plastics
W Option: Sizes: 5" Dia. Bags
Ideal for: Use in applications involving medium sized particulate.
Industries: Wood Working, Education, Metal Working, Plastics
Model MKAY - Good primary seperation of the heavier dust
particles. [ Details ]
Model MKAY
Sizes: 3 1/2" Dia. Bags
Ideal for: Use in applications having fine particulate.
Industries: Automotive, Food Industry, Metal Working, Plastics
Model MKF - Flexible design with large capacity dust collector. [ Details ] Model MKF
Sizes: 42" - 162" Tube Length
Ideal for: Use in applications with heavy dust loads.
Industries: Agriculture, Education, Food Industry, Plastics, Printing
Model MKHW - Designed as an afterfilter for the powder paint reclaim
cyclones. [ Details ]
Model MKHW
Ideal for: Powdered coating or similar applications.
Industries: Powder Coating
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