Dust Collectors - MK Model: MKA
Model MKA

Are you tired of emptying 45 gallon drums to dispose of your waste ??

Convert your N. R. Murphy Limited 4 drum storage model MKA or MKAW negative pressure dust collector to our new 26 cubic foot Dumpster Bin.

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Model MKA: A square (or rectangular) version of the FB series with all the quality features and design. The principal of operation remains the same, including good primary separation of the heavier dust particles.

The most outstanding feature is the compactness of this model, yet it has the capability of effectively filtering large volumes of air and occupies little valuable space when installed inside or outside a building. The reduced size of these dust collectors also reflects a great saving in shipping costs over long distances.


  • Rugged yet inexpensive.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized all welded construction painted a standard colour finish coat.
  • Totally enclosed in steel for fire protection and filter section protection.
  • Flexible and simple design.
  • Many sizes and configurations available.
  • High capacity yet very compact.
  • Suitable for large and small applications.
  • High performance on all types of dust particles.
  • It fits into low ceiling areas, yet takes up minimal amount of floor space.
  • It can be installed inside a building as well as outside.
  • Quiet operation with silencer option.
  • Easy to empty the collected waste.
  • Flexible in design and capacities to fit all types of operations.
  • Practically no maintenance.
  • A good appearance.
  • Completely self-contained.
  • Easily installed by inexperienced personnel.
  • Manual shaking mechanism (standard equipment).
  • Pull through or blow through operation.
  • Easy operation.
  • All sections of the unit readily accessible.
  • Shipped completely assembled.
  • Flexible cfm ratings for top performance.
  • Low initial cost.
  • Primary separator.
  • Secondary multi-bag type filtration.
  • Retains warm air in plant.
  • Equalized pressure in building.
  • Removable support legs.


  • Drum ("D" style) or hopper ("H" style) storage.
  • Various fan and motor combinations.
  • Hopper outlet to suit most requirements.
  • "W" designation for increased filter media for certain applications.
  • Powered or manual material discharge.
  • Filter tube lengths can vary to suit specific requirements.
  • Electric shaker - recommended on larger size models and long filters (fan shut down is necessary).
  • Electric shakers - 1/2 H.P. up to 1000 sq. ft. filter media. Standard models listed beyond 1000 sq. ft. filter media are 3/4 H.P. and up.
  • Fully automatic shaker controls in addition to electric motor driven shaker option on some models and magnetic fan starter option (fan shut down is necessary).
    1. Solid state single cycle shaker control in NEMA 4 enclosure complete with function indicating lights, 115 volt single phase..
      Note: Additional requirements:
      1. Starter holding coils must be 115 V.
      2. Requires addition of 115 volt control transformer in fan motor starter.
    2. Custom-made electrical control panels to suit specific applications and customer requirements.
  • Support stand for "H" design.
  • Additional access doors.
  • Manometer.
  • Explosion venting (specify indoor or outdoor installation).
  • 45 gallon drums.
  • Magnetic starter.
    • Across the line magnetic starter.
    • Combination magnetic starter fusible disconnect (less fuses).
    • Extra for control transformer - 120 V.
    • Extra for pilot light in cover.
    • Extra for each auxiliary contact (max. 2 only) specify N-O or N-C.
  • Inline silencers.
  • Two-way diverter.
  • Enclosed drum storage section complete with double access doors and drums.
  • Return air fire dampers.
  • Inlet blow-back prevention dampers.
  • Various types of filter media.

Available Models:

Standard Model - "D" Designation (Drum Storage)
Square or rectangular, pull through design dust collector for multiple 45 gallon drum waste collection, manual mechanical shaker with bolt on handle to minimize shipping size, bolt on support legs, drum connectors and lids to suit standard 34" high 45 gallon drums, 1 filter chamber access door. MKA has large diameter filter tubes designed to handle the more difficult applications such as shavings. MKAW utilizes 5' diameter filter tubes to provide lower air to cloth ratios when fine dusts are being collected. Optional fans in various motor combinations available to match specific applications. Designed primarily for maximum of useable and practical filter media area, in minimum of physical size.


Standard Model - "H" Designation (Hopper Bottom)
Same general description as above but with hopper bottom (3 various standard outlet sizes available) in place of standard drum bottom. Optional stand available. The hopper bottom will require the addition of a choice of devices to close off the hopper outlet. This would be selected to suit the particular application and customer preference such as manual or powered slide gate, hinged door, air-tight connection to waste storage container or rotary air lock for continuous feed out of waste.

Quick Reference Chart for Drum Storage:
(Hoppers and Hopper Storage also available)

Standard Models* Standard

(No Fan)
MKA-150 MKAW-212
MKA-195 MKAW-275
MKA-240 MKAW-340
MKA-285 MKAW-400
MKA-330 MKAW-465
700 lbs
765 lbs
830 lbs
895 lbs
960 lbs
42" x 54" 2
45 gallon
  » Click here for specifications
MKA-225 MKAW-355
MKA-295 MKAW-460
MKA-360 MKAW-565
MKA-425 MKAW-670
MKA-495 MKAW-775
850 lbs
935 lbs
1020 lbs
1105 lbs
1190 lbs
54" x 64"
45 gallon
  » Click here for specifications
MKA-270 MKAW-445
MKA-350 MKAW-575
MKA-430 MKAW-705
MKA-515 MKAW-835
MKA-595 MKAW-965
900 lbs
995 lbs
1090 lbs
1185 lbs
1280 lbs
64" x 64"
45 gallon
  » Click here for specifications
MKA-360 MKAW-530
MKA-470 MKAW-690
MKA-575 MKAW-845
MKA-680 MKAW-1000
MKA-790 MKAW-1160
1475 lbs
1605 lbs
1735 lbs
1865 lbs
1995 lbs
64" x 79" 6
45 gallon
  » Click here for specifications
* Note: Number designates square footage of filter media.

Specifications - Standard Models:

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