Murphy-ACLO Contract


Quality... Not Just a Trendy Cliché

Quality is extremely important to the very existence of ACLO COMPOUNDERS business. This "QUALITY" statement is not just a trendy cliché, but an essential way of doing business at ACLO. Evidence of this commitment to QUALITY was demonstrated when ACLO installed their new dust collection system.

Dust Problems

The problem was airborne dust, such as pigment and powder, in the plant. This would never do for a company who strives for a most exacting colour match system. In fact, ACLO now offers a precise colour match system called ACCUCOMPJ™. ACLO President, Paul Kadomakai boast, "that based on more than 16,000 current product formulas, ACCUCOMPJ™ provides a comprehensive selection of concentrates and custom coloured compounds".

Enhanced Product Quality

Fortunately, this dust was not a hazard to ACLO employees. It was classified by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) as "nuisance dust" as it is completely non-toxic. In other words, installing a new dust collection system was not a serious matter of health, although the working environment would be improved, but mainly to enhance product quality.

The Decision Was Easy


After consultation with several dust collection companies, the selection decision was easy for ACLO, as they awarded the project to N. R. Murphy Limited. "Getting this sort of work is typical", explains Norm Murphy, "since the kind of customer we attract are the type who sell QUALITY products and, in turn, will need to depend on, and can expect, quality performance". According to Tom Stockford, Senior Technical/Manufacturing Manager, they chose N. R. Murphy "because of their (over 50 years) reputation for manufacturing quality dust collection systems". Tom continued, "Murphy's overall experience stood out when compared to the other suppliers, as the Murphy team offered concrete ideas and suggestions throughout the planning stages".

N.R. Murphy Dust Collector

The final result was the installation of an impressive dust collection system. N. R. Murphy Limited installed a Model HEC-330-8 (continuous duty automatic self cleaning) dust collector. The system features twin top air inlets, top bag removal through walk-in plenum for convenient and inexpensive maintenance, interior mounted compressed air manifold, explosion relief latched doors, safety ladder, platform and railings, and an inline duct silencer in the return air line. The dust collector has a capacity of 26,685 cubic feet of air per minute and includes a "return-heat-to-plant" exchanger. The collector stands 10 ft. x 20 ft. x 31 ft. high and has a storage capacity of 85 cu. ft.

No Disappointments

After the dust collector was put into service, and the dust had settled, the results were seen. ACLO's Tom Stockford exclaimed, "There were no disappointments with N. R. Murphy Limited's quality system, which meets our highest expectations and the project was delivered and installed on time, as promised."

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