Murphy-Wyeth Contract

WyethOn September 28th, 1987, N. R. Murphy Limited entered into a contract with a pharmaceutical manufacturer, Wyeth Limited on Windsor, Ontario, for the supply and installation of a complete central dust collection system for their Windsor Location. The new project was designed to replace all existing and inadequate individual dust collection systems. In addition, it was to provide a large enough system to accommodate a new expansion of the company and maintain a clean and healthy working environment for the employees while meeting both the Department of Labour and Wyeth engineers approval.

Continuous cleaning pulse jet cartridge filter unit (CP-12-3-2), filter section with quick opening access doors, three 60° sloped hoppers.

The project included a continuous cleaning pulse jet cartridge filter unit (CP-12-3-2) with a top air-dust inlet for greater diffusion efficiency, blow back safety damper, an acoustically lined clean air plenum to attenuate fan inlet noise, filter section with quick opening access doors for ease of servicing, three 60 degree sloped hoppers with air-tight drum connectors for drum storage, proximity level detectors, photohelic gauges on main control panel for activating cleaning sequence, explosion venting @ 39 to 1 ratio and sprinkler ports for on-site installation of sprinkler heads within the filter unit itself. A 23" type EA-1 Murphy extra heavy duty constructed exhauster with 100 H.P. T.E.F.C. motor was the fan package selected to produce a minimum of 23" W.G. to effectively reach the desired air velocities within the smaller sized branch ductwork. The exhaust fan was equipped with spring isolators to prevent vibration and also an inline discharge silencer to minimize the air noise.

An S.A.D. 60-80 safety filter housing c/w diffuser plate, 12 aeropleat filters and 12 microtrain H.E.P.A. filters (12" deep @ 95% D.O.P.) were supplied down stream of the main filter unit and fan assembly for a secondary safety precaution against dusts escaping to atmosphere, to meet M.O.E. emission standards.

Wyeth Wyeth Wyeth Wyeth
Blow back safety damper Acoustically lined clean air plenum Air tight drum connectors, proximity lefel detectors Spring Isolators

WyethWyethThe main central control panel consisted of an adjustable 7 day clock, a 100 H.P. motor starter, adjustable photohelic switches for the dust collector and safety filters, and a terminal with pilot light for 7 pneumatic control dampers. Miscellaneous equipment supplied were seven pneumatic driven zone isolation dampers c/w air cylinders and damper location limit switches for a fail-safe operation. They were installed in the ductwork by the sheet metal contractor in various locations of the system as specified by the customer to prevent cross contamination in various labs.

Our sheet metal contractor, Cunningham Sheet Metal of Windsor, contracted from us, the installation and erection of all equipment and ductwork which consisted of heavy gauge welded steel duct with gasketed flange connections, cleanouts at all convenient locations, air balancing dampers, stainless steel ducting in the manufacturing areas connected with flexible hose to mixers, packers, presses, and pill making equipment.

After installation of the central dust collection system, air balancing of all branch lines was performed for a complete and satisfactory air performance at the dust pickup locations resulting in a fully functional exhaust system.

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