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Mohawk CollegeIn early 2004 Mr. Ken Mercer the Co-ordinator / Instructor of Cabinet Making, Industrial Woodworking and Building and Construction Sciences at Mohawk College in Stoney Creek contacted N. R. Murphy Ltd. to do an evaluation of their existing dust collection system at the Barton Street campus.

The existing N. R. Murphy FBP-15,originally installed at their Wentworth Street campus in 1969 and moved to the Barton Street facility in 1995, was found to be too small to accommodate the rapid growth that has taken place in the program since that time.

Our technical sales representative Mr. George Szakaly and our inside Technical and Engineering Support person Dennis Reeve worked in conjunction with Mr. Mercer and his staff to develop the parameters for the project and a proposal was prepared that addressed their current requirements (with some room for expansion) as well as meeting all applicable codes and regulations.

The proposed system was designed to handle 28,105 cfm and is sized to collect the dust from all the existing shop equipment simultaneously. The FBP-38 Arrangement “A” is a cylindrical design shaker style dust collector that is 13' in diameter and over 50' high. Waste material is collected in the hopper and is emptied through double gear driven discharge doors. The dust collection incorporates features such as explosion venting, a spark detection and suppression system and bin level indicators to monitor the collected waste level.

Mohawk CollegeThe contract was awarded to N. R. Murphy Ltd. In April, 2004 and was completed in time for the September 2004 semester.
Installation of the dust collection system was a joint effort with N. R. Murphy installing the dust collector itself and 3-D Sheet Metal of Cambridge installing the duct work, manufacturing hoods for the woodworking machinery and doing the final hookups for each machine.

On January 3,2005 we received the following unsolicited email from Mr. Mercer.

“I would like to send a little note to your company on the installation of our new dust collector in the cabinetmaking shop here at the college. I would first like to say thanks for a job very well done, on time and on budget. The system is everything you said it would be in every way.....fantastic. Also George’s help was incredible in making this project happen..thank you. I would also like to thank Wayne Hickey and his crew for doing such a tidy and professional job installing the system. Thanks again.”

P.S. Wayne Hickey is the owner and President of 3D Sheet Metal

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