The following are some contracts undertaken by N. R. Murphy Ltd. over the past while. For a brief synopsis of each, click on the picture or title of the project of interest or navigate between projects by clicking on the text links located in the top right corner of each project page.

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Increasing complaints regarding work conditions, air quality, inside and outside housekeeping, combined with the acquisition of high-tech high speed machinery brought into focus the need for greater and substantially improved dust collection capacity.



Murphy-ACLO Contract

The problem was airborne dust, such as pigment and powder, in the plant. This would never do for a company who strives for a most exacting colour match system.



Murphy-Wyeth Contract

...designed to replace all existing and inadequate individual dust collection systems. In addition, it was to provide a large enough system to accommodate a new expansion of the company and maintain a clean and healthy working environment for the employees while meeting both the Department of Labour and Wyeth engineers approval.



Mohawk College

In early 2004 Mr. Ken Mercer the Co-ordinator / Instructor of Cabinet Making, Industrial Woodworking and Building and Construction Sciences at Mohawk College in Stoney Creek contacted N. R. Murphy Ltd. to do an evaluation of their existing dust collection system at the Barton Street campus.


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