Other Varieties

N.R. Murphy Ltd. offers a complete range of dust collection products to fit any needs.


Cyclones can be used as stand alone air material separators or in conjunction with a dust collector. They can be used as primary separators to provide classification or sizing of material. Available in a wide range of sizes, can be fabricated from a variety of materials.

MRX Dust Collectors

Available in 5″ and 7″ sizes to handle one or more machines located in close proximity to the dust collector. The MRX is available in a 2 bag or a 4 bags. This compact, lightweight dust collector is easy to move between machines, and with a height of 8′ it is suited for plants with low headroom.  

Downdraft Workbenches

The N.R. Murphy Ltd. downdraft workbench is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Available for connection to your new or existing dust collection system only.