Our Mission

"In the future people will remain our most important strength"

N.R. Murphy Limited prides itself on being a people oriented company. Nothing is more important in the operation of the organization than the people it employs. From management, to engineering and design, sales staff, accounting to manufacturing, and maintenance staff, this is a people organization. Each person is an important part of the group that makes the company function.

This gives our company an edge when it designs and develops machinery and equipment in the air pollution control field. After all, air pollution control equipment is machinery for people, their comfort, increased productivity, and their environmental future.

In the future people will remain our most important strength. The equipment we design and build will become extremely necessary to the well-being of all people. The future holds exciting times as we try to improve our environment. We have the people and the products to meet the challenge.


Norman Robert Murphy

President, 1966-2018