N.R. Murphy Ltd. manufacturers and supplies a wide variety of dust collection accessories and components to upgrade or supplement your current system.

Industrial Exhaust Fans

Available in a range of sizes and capacities with several wheel designs and fan arrangements available to suit your application. We carry an extensive list of fan accessories and offer optional construction for heavy abrasive materials and spark resistance. All fans are digitally balanced to ensure perfect operation.

Rotary Airlocks

These heavy gauge all welded construction airlocks feature a 6 blade rotor and comes with replaceable one piece full pocket double wiper neoprene seals and a removable side plate which allows for easy access to replace the seals. 


We use and stock many types of first quality filter media so that our Engineering staff may select the filter media most appropriate for your dust application.  

Abort Dampers

The N.R. Murphy Ltd. abort damper, when installed in the clean air stream of a filtering system, is an instant aborting device which expels the air to atmosphere when activated by a properly installed spark or fire detection system. 


N.R. Murphy Ltd. manufactures and distributes a wide variety of duct accessories for your dust cleaning system.