Shaker Style Dust Collectors

Shaker Style Dust Collector

Shaker Style Dust Collectors

Shaker style dust collectors are best used for intermittent run times. Utilizing an automatic motor and timer, the filters are shook clean after the unit is shutdown to ensure filters are maintained for years.

FB Series

N.R. Murphy’s FB Series Dust Collectors offers a cylindrical design, with tube style filters and mechanical shaker style cleaning. This series integrates a cyclonic component for greater separation of large dust particles.

35,000 CFM


Designed to handle your toughest problems. Internal storage of the collected material is standard on this model and is removed through single or double heavy duty geared discharge gates. Alternate material removal arrangements are also available.
2,500 - 8,200 CFM


The FBA dust collector is ideally suited for medium sized facilities. Available with drum or hopper storage, it can also be fitted with a rotary air valve for continuous discharge.
1,144 - 3,250 CFM


The FBMW is your economic solution suited for small shops. This dust collector is available in two sizes, 9″ and 10″, each with several different types of storage arrangements. Suitable for interior or exterior locations, the FBMW is designed for light or intermittent dust loads.
Bin Vent


Designed to release the pressure buildup in storage silos and bins during their loading cycle. This dust collector is available with shaker or pulse-jet type filter cleaning. An optional direct drive fan pack is available.
After Filter


Designed to be used in conjunction with an existing cyclone, the FBO is available in 90 standard designs. These dust collectors allow exhaust air from a cyclone to be filtered and returned to the facility, thus conserving energy. Multiple units can be installed for large installations.
30,000 - 70,000


This blow through style dust collector was designed primarily for the woodworking, textile, and corrugated cardboard/paper industries. It features multiple inlets and can handle heavy dust/material loads. Material is typically discharged through a rotary air valve.

MK Series

N.R. Murphy’s MK Series Dust Collectors offer a square/rectangular design with tube style filters and mechanical shaker type cleaning.  The MK Series maximizes the airflow to filter media ratio for efficient dust collection in a compact design across multiple industries.

Small/Medium Facilities


This compact dust collector is available in 2, 4, or 6 drum storage, dumpster bin or with a hopper bottom for continuous discharge through a rotary airlock. With 3 different diameters of filter bags, to suit a variety of materials, the MKA is perhaps our most flexible dust collector.
Large Facilities


The MKF dust collector is very rugged, reliable and is available in a variety of sizes to suit all sizes of operations and waste volumes. The 5 1⁄2″ diameter filters used in this shaker style dust collector allow easy release of the collected material while the rectangular design maximizes filter area.
Small Facilities


This open bag unit is perfect for small shops that require a high-quality dust collector. Flexible to meet most regulations allowing the unit to sit inside the shop.
Powder Paint


Designed for use in the powder coatings industry, equipped with a high efficiency primary cyclonic separator which reduces the problem of colour contamination in the reusable material. The cyclone is connected to a secondary multi-tube after filter and an industrial exhauster for final filtration.

Shaker Style Dust Collector Filters

See the difference in your air quality by using N.R. Murphy Limited filter bags. Our filters remove 99.9% of particles sized 1 Micron and larger.

Filter Bags