Other Dust Collectors

Other Dust Collectors

Other Dust Collectors

N.R. Murphy Limited produces a wide variety of dust collectors that can fit any application, environment, and budget. 


Cyclones can be used as stand alone air material separators or in conjunction with a dust collector. They can also be used as primary separators to provide classification or sizing of material. Available in a wide range of sizes, can be fabricated from a variety of materials.


This high efficiency design utilizes centrifugal action along with gravitational forces to remove particulate matter.


The multiclone shrinks the size of the cylinder to drastically increase the efficiency of the cyclone. Also beneficial for height restricted environments.


Available in 5″ and 7″ sizes to handle one or more machines located in close proximity to the dust collector. The MRX is available in a 2 bag or a 4 bags. This compact, lightweight dust collector is easy to move between machines, and with a height of 8′ it is suited for plants with low headroom.  


A quick and easy to assemble lightweight dust collector, featuring a 5" Inlet with a 2HP motor, delivering 771 CFM @ 5650 FPM.


An economical dust collector built for performance. Featuring a 7" inlet with a 3HP motor, delivering 1443 CFM @ 5400 FPM.

Exhauster Fans

Available in a range of sizes and capacities with several wheel designs and fan arrangements available to suit your application. We carry an extensive list of fan accessories and offer optional construction for heavy abrasive materials and spark resistance. All fans are digitally balanced to ensure perfect operation.


Fully customizable to allow for various levels of material and air handling. Our fans can be built for a direct drive, or belt driven arrangement, as well as different levels of spark resistance.

Exploded Fan View