Pulse Jet Style Dust Collectors

Pulse Jet Style Dust Collector

Pulse Jet Style Dust Collectors

Pulse jet dust collectors are best used for 24/7 operations. Utilizing compressed air, the filters are blown clean on a set timer to help your company never miss a minute.

HE Series

N.R. Murphy’s HE series provides a continuous duty, automatic self cleaning filtration system for companies with no production downtime to ensure maximum productivity. Run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for no hassle dust collection.


Using compressed air to clean the filters on a continuous basis ensures a consistent pressure drop across the filter tubes and allows a more uniform flow through the ductwork. This dust collector is available with a variety of storage and discharge arrangements.

HEC Bin Vent

Designed to release the pressure buildup in storage silos and bins during their loading cycle. This dust collector is available with pulse-jet type filter cleaning.

C Series

N.R. Murphy’s C Series Dust Collectors provides continuous duty, automatic self cleaning filtration, utilizing cartridge style filters. This series is ideal for low dust load applications of smoke, fumes, or fine dust particles.

CP Dust Collector

This dust collector uses compressed air to continuously clean the cartridges allowing for uninterrupted duty. A variety of filter material options are available and is extremely flexible in its design and allows for many disposal options. Typically used in Pharmaceutical, Mining, Powder Paint and Food Industries.

CMT Dust Collector

The CMT series is available with either open or enclosed cartridge filters. This dust collector is a compact inexpensive cartridge dust collector and is ideally suited for fine free flowing dusts. The collectors are available with a variety of options such as hopper discharge, and casters for portability.


Our air manifolds are built to last, with easily replaceable parts to keep your machine running for decades.

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